About Us


Any experience should produce, above all else, memories.

Story Machine Games was founded by game designers, developers, and enthusiasts from the entire breadth of the games industry—from tabletop favorites to console classics, from long nights role-playing to live-action escape rooms.

Every game we love was made to engineer joy, connection, and special moments we tell over and over again. These machines we play create friendships, build worlds, and—most importantly—make stories. Now we endeavor to do the same, but with our own twist.

Welcome to Story Machine Games.

Our Crew

Bobby West

Director of Development

Bobby West has spent 14+ years working in the gaming industry. From an FLGS, to TCG Player, to HABA as the USA Games Specialist, Bobby has been part of the gaming community at several levels. Oh, and he has been designing and developing games for over 6 years.He has a degree in computer animation from Full Sail University. He has credits for lighting and 3D modeling on short films, television, and video games, including work on a RTS game for NASA.

Ben Sobine

Financial Director

Ben Sobine has worked in customer service, marketing, and retail for over a decade. Ben has also played nearly every video game ever made at least once.Ben brings an intense interest in horror experiences, immersive design, and innovative mechanics to the fore, and has previously designed games with the Museum of Intrigue in Syracuse, NY. Ben currently also works with a major technology company as a technician and salesperson.

Jono Naito

Creative Director

Jono Naito has been designing interactive experiences since childhood, running special scavenger hunts, capture the flag games, and more in the streets of New York City. After spending years in the sciences, education, and writing, Jono now has turned a decade-long hobby of tabletop game creation into a lifestyle, crafting new experiences daily, both large and small.

Jakob Maier

Director of Communications

Jakob Maier has been writing and marketing for small businesses and literary magazines for nearly 8 years. He has an advanced degree in creative writing from Syracuse University, and is experienced in video production, teaching, editing, and ghost banishing. His life goals are to eat a gas station hot dog in every state and to play every Star Wars game ever made.