• I pre-ordered something and my total order has not come yet.

    While we try to note it as often as possible in our checkout process, it sometimes slips through that pre-orders will hold up the entire order until the product is in stock. This is done because of calculating and processing shipping fees, and giving shipping discounts on large orders. If you want in-stock items to deliver immediately, place them in a separate order. If you made a mistake and would like to be charged the balance on the shipping to split the order, contact us below. Beyond that, all pre-orders (and products sharing their shipping cost/discount) will not deliver until we have the product. We are committed to always fulfilling pre-orders before all other orders (such as distribution, retail, etc.).
  • My package arrived damaged/waterlogged/has gone missing.

    Refer to your shipping email to identify the carrier that delivered the package to you and start with them. Our fulfillment uses major mail carriers, and once the package is on its way, it is in their hands. Sometimes a package may seem to have too little protective padding, etc. for the delivery. While this may not result in immediate action, we would like to know so we can discuss it with our fulfillment partner to address if the issue is with them, or if the packaging is in line with the guarantees of the delivery service of choice.

    If your process fails to refund or replace your order, you can still reach out to us. We may be able to do something about it, but that isn't guaranteed. The error rate on international shipments, unfortunately, is high enough to not guarantee replacements.
  • Do you donate to or support community organizations?

    As part of the social mandate we adopted as a company, we partner our products with charities that have a local impact on the community our team lives in (Central New York). The designers of the games give input on the charity, and on a quarterly basis we make donations matching the product sales, in the style of distributing royalties. If this interests you, read the social mandate and our ongoing notes, or consider donating to similar organizations in your own community.
  • Are you running any game design contests?

    Please see this page on more information on game design contests.
  • I have to change the address on a pre-order.

    Reach out to us using the contact form below so we can update the address as long as the product has not shipped.
  • What happened to the pre-order discount?

    We maintain a pre-order discount until the first print-run arrives. Additional seasonal discounts may be announced on social media, as well as this website, but we reserve the 10% pre-order discount on new products until their delivery date, or until the first print run runs out.
  • I am missing components in my order.

    Let us know! We receive a certain number of extra components to send out if our manufacturer assembled your game incorrectly.
  • I am interested in bulk discounts, donations, retailer prices, translation, and other connections.

    The form below forwards to the entire team, so with certainty the right person will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • How can I submit a board game?

    We maintain open submissions for board game designs from anywhere in the world where we can legally (as an American company) do business. Please go to this page to learn more.
  • I am an artist, graphic designer, writer, designer, etc. and I want to be in touch, and maybe show you my portfolio.

    Please do! Use the form below to reach out, and we will ask for additional information, such as portfolios, to build our network of professionals.
  • I am a reviewer, journalist, or content creator interested in working with you to review or share your games.

    Great! Send review inquiries to jakob@storymachinegames.com, and sign up for our press mailing list to receive continuing updates on press and review opportunities.

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