In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we began to produce print-and-play downloads of new and published games to keep free and available online. As we produce more games, they will be added here, with notes/changes kept up-to-date on BoardGameGeek. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to hear more about our print-and-play games and contests.

If you or someone you know is interested in translating any of these games to bring free games to more communities, we give express permission to do so. If the translations are sent to us, we will also format them and upload the files to match.

2+ Players | 15 minutes | Ages 8+

Prepare your fleet of starships with power and crew before you jet off to the stars.

12 Parsecs was the winner of our 2020 Design Machine Contest.

English FilesChinese/中文 Files (BGG)

1+ Players | 20 minutes | Ages 8+

Explore the wonders of the Adirondacks as you find the best route to achieve your goals.

English Files

2+ Players | 5+ minutes | Ages 7+

Give clues in many silly ways while your teammates try to spot the right object from a set of silhouettes.

English Files

2+ Players | 15+ minutes | Ages 12+

Hack into your target’s computer before being hacked yourself in this roll-and-write game of traps and word puzzles.

English Files

2+ Players | 15-25 minutes | Ages 13+

Race to escape Alcatraz in this roll-and-write puzzler. Will you help each other or just sneak past the guards alone?

English FilesRoll to Escape
Online Card App
(Original Rooms Only - English)
Cover art for the board game Rosetta: The Lost Language.

2+ Players | 20-40 minutes | Ages 8+

Work as a team to translate ancient symbols as you invent a new written language.

This is a demo version of a full game, which is available here.

English Files

2-8 Players | 20-40 minutes | Ages 13+

Race through space gathering goods and dodging pirates in this simultaneous network building roll-and-write.

English FilesStarline Industries
Online Card App (English)

3+ Players | 15+ minutes | Ages 7+

Who can figure out the secret word the fastest? Use weird clues to trick players into splitting their guesses.

English Rules
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