WITTY: Sneak quotes into conversation through wit and wisdom.

EASY: Quick to teach, with the players setting a prize for winning.

PORTABLE: Small box, rules and a deck of cards that fit in your pocket.

FLEXIBLE: Play during dinners, parties, game nights, anywhere!

SOCIAL: Add a layer of strange conversations to any engagement.
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  • Ages 8 and up
  • 2 or more players
  • 20+ minutes

Co-designed by Lee Burnside, Willis Dell and Ed Forth.

In Quota, players play a game within a game, anytime, anywhere. Simply give each player a card with two quotes, which they have to sneak into conversation without getting caught. Play during game night, a dinner out, a camping trip, and more. Each quote is worth points based on its difficulty. The winner at the end of the night then gets an agreed-upon prize.

Playing is simple- draw a card with two quotes, keep them secret, and carry on with your evening. Then, when the time is right, sneak a quote into conversation. If you get caught, then get a new card. If you don't, and the conversation carries on, show your card and get the points, drawing a new card. What will your score be at the end of the night?

What's In The Box

  • 32 double-quote cards
  • Portable folding-lid box
  • Rules & wager cards
A card from the card game Quota.
A card from the card game Quota.
A card from the card game Quota.