2020 Small Games Bundle

To celebrate the end of the year, we are bundling all of our 2020 games into a single package. Sneak your way into a secret society in Sacred Rites, save an ancient language from being lost forever in Rosetta: The Lost Language, and slip famous quotes into conversation without being called out in Quota. These small-box games are perfect holiday gifts—stick them in stockings, send them as a secret Santa, or wrap them up and place them under the tree for family, friends, or even yourself.

Normally selling for $59 total, we're bundling these games for $45 with FREE SHIPPING until December 16. Happy holidays!

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Danger Park


2-4 players | 45 min. | Ages 13+

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2+ players | 10+ min. | Ages 10+

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Rosetta: The Lost Language

2+ players | 25 min.| Ages 8+

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Sacred Rites

3-9 players | 20 min. | Ages 10+

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